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I'm right in the middle of creating my own life positively & freely, taking my time with patience😊

My aim is to empower as many people as possible with everything I learned through all my experience in my life.

I have a healing atmosphere with strength in the core, which seems to be exuding.

Combined with my personality and experience, I am basically a compassionate and  gentle, trying to encourage you rather than giving spurs with strong words during sessions or Tarot readings.



・Modern Mystery School Certified Healer

・Artist(mainly music)

・Assistant at a cultural magazine publisher



・Studying and practicing metaphysics

・Health(both physically & spiritually)

・Move my body





・To make a change





・Traveling(both by myself and with others)


・Moving due to my parents job

・Changing schools

・Living overseas

・Junior high school entrance test

・Girl's school

・Playing in a band(Performing, recording etc.)

・Parents living away from home for work

・Suppress my own feelings

・Self criticism

・Worry how others think of me, care about people's eyes

​・Act shy

・Mentally drained

・Lose myself

・Be bound by common sense

・Worked for a leading Internet company

・Quit a company

・Broken heart

・Become penniless

・Feel alone


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