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Life Activation
(DNA Activation®)

The first step to expand your potential infinitely, which you have unconsciously narrowed. The most basic, most powerful and ultimate power charge to awaken sleeping talents and your life purpose by removing unneeded energy, maintain and pour light in⚡ Recommended for anyone who "doesn't know what you want to do“, feels physically or mentally tired in daily life, or wants to use more of your own power.


Max Meditation System™ will make it easier to connect with your intuition and your true self. It is a meditation method for anyone from beginners to advanced meditators. Experience this meditation that will not only bring you to “stillness” by clearing away the subconscious that has built up through your life but also recharge your energy✨

Ensofic Ray Healing

The ultimate healing that maintain your condition both physically and mentally by balancing your brain and reducing your thinking habits. By using the energy from the source and reconnecting to it, this session will provide you a sense of clarity, healing and energy overflowing that you cannot experience with any other treatment🌿

True Tarot Reading

Divination will let you your current situation and the possible future which will be your guide to make decisions and take actions. The information needed will be revealed, and you will receive some hints to help you create a better future. Experience the wisdom and power of Tarot, which has been handed down from ancient Egypt to the Modern Mystery School certified healers.

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