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I’m Yurika, a Healer studying at the Modern Mystery School, one of the 7 ancient mystery schools on earth, 
and providing healing, divination and meditation sessions etc. at Kamimachi station(Setagaya line). 




Have you ever thought...

  • Life is just how it is.

  • I can't think about changing my job or environment because I'm not sure what I want to do.

  • I am happy and lucky because I'm fine with my daily life and having fun on my weekends.

  • I do have something I want to do but don't have the courage to start it.

  • If I work hard, the people around me will be happy. And I'm happy because they're happy.

  • Something good will happen because I study and work hard.        etc

We might be focusing on how to live without facing any problems or troubles. 

We might not be confident in ourselves, not know what we want to do or we compare ourselves unfavourably to others, care what others think, worry about how our family or friends see us.

These thoughts and behaviors are caused by us living only being aware of the physical world that we can actually see with our eyes, educated to grow up to be a person who is easy to control and make decisions or choices mostly based on fear and anxiety not based on our joy or happiness.

The truth is, there are things we cannot actually see like "energy/energetic beings" and we are beings more than this human body with "infinite possibilities".

And believe it or not there are "universal rules" not the rules we humans made.


The studies of the spiritual world that you cannot capture with your physical 5 senses is called "metaphysics".

At Yurika's Magical Sessions, I provide sessions that will activate your true self based on metaphysics.


This is the only time you have a human life with a physical body!

Why don't we live our life to the fullest with freedom, joy and unlimited possibilities without being trapped in the limited, visible world which is ruled by the illusion of human society.

My aim is to introduce metaphysics to as many people as possible.

I want to support you change your self image which was developed in the limited idea of this world for you to live a happier and more abundant life.

Please come along to take the first step in making the best and biggest change of your life!


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1. Meditation Session Dates

For beginners to advanced practitioners. You can experience deep relaxation and regain your energy⚡ 

A Month of Meditation (Special Month)

This month I will be holding Meditation Sessions almost daily for more people to experience the effectiveness of meditation and to make it their daily habit.

  • Price: ¥1,000

  • Date/Time

 - 3/19(Sun)12:30〜14:00、15:30〜17:00、18:30〜20:00
 - 3/20(Mon)12:30〜14:00、15:30〜17:00、18:30〜20:00

 - 3/21(Tue)12:30〜14:00、15:30〜17:00、18:30〜20:00

 - 3/23(Thu)12:30〜14:00、15:30〜17:00、18:30〜20:00

 - 3/25(Sat)18:30〜20:00
 - 3/28(Tue)12:30〜14:00、15:30〜17:00、18:30〜20:00
 - 3/29(Wed)"A Day of Meditation” @Miyanosaka-station (You can experience other healing and divination trial menu too!!)

Contact for Booking/Queries!

2.Looking for people interested in free Tarot cards session!
As a Modern Mystery School Certified Professional Healer, I am always interested in expanding my skills and knowledge. So I am currently training to become a Taroist(professional tarot card reader) and looking for people who are interested in a free 60 mins tarot card session.
Tarot card reading is a technique for divination. The session will provide you with information and the power you need right now to move forward to create your future✨
You can choose from 3 different spread as below;
1. Ask a question and we'll see the potential future in around 3month's time.
2. Look at where you are and where you want to be.
3. Your general fortune(ex. work, love, travel etc.) of a certain period of time. (Maximum 1 year)
Contact me if you wish to have a free sessions!
* Please note...
 - I'm still training to become a professional.
 - Readings about life and death can't be provided.
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