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I’m Yurika, a Healer studying at the Modern Mystery School.

Modern Mystery School is one of the 7 ancient mystery schools on earth with a history of over 8,000 years. The "mystery" that the school teach is also called "metaphysics" which is studies of the world above (meta) physics (the world we can't see with our physical eyes, spiritual).

The healing, divination and meditation sessions we provide based on this metaphysics will bring you wonderful changes that you've never imagined before.


I'll be looking forward for your visit at my Salon which is 5 mins walk from Kamimachi station(Setagaya line). 

This is the only human life with a physical body! If you want to...

  • express yourself / your beauty more​

  • live more authentically 

  • cherish yourself

  • love yourself, like yourself 

  • overcome / breakthrough something

  • make a change in yourself / your life

  • be maintained / refreshed

  • fulfill yourself

  • let go your negativity / ego

  • bring out all your potential

  • get more inspiration

  • know / study about spiritual / invisible world

  • forgive yourself

  • meditate

  • have tarot card reading session

  • more courage and energy

  • be balanced

  • find want you truly want to do

  • enjoy your life more

  • find how you can serve for others and for this world

  • experience miracles and magics!

Here I have powerful and helpful sessions for you💫
Come to take a step forward to make a change!

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