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ご予約・お問い合わせ Booking/Queries


Information about the exact location will be provided once your reservation is scheduled. (It is about 5 mins walk from Setagaya Line Kamimachi station.)

​★最新情報はInstagramをチェック!Check Instagram for latest information!


瞑想会・イベント / Meditation & Events

・瞑想会 / Meditation

 2/24 15:00〜16:30@世田谷線上町 / Kamimachi (Setagaya line)



  Can be held on dates and times other than those listed above. Feel free to ask.

・ヒーリング体験Day / Healing Trial Day


人セッション / Private Sessions

ご希望の時間を複数お送りください。 / Please send several of your preferable dates and times.



ご連絡ありがとうございました! Thank you for your contact!

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